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Tuition and Coaching

I have played stringed instruments for over forty years. Most of what I have learnt over this time has been self taught, so I am well aware of the challenges facing budding musicians. I have tried many approaches to learning and have a pretty good idea of what works best. I have been teaching regularly since 2005, mostly on a one-to-one basis but also to groups such as the well renowned Sore Fingers Summer School. I now have a number of tried and tested strategies for getting people playing freely and confidently. These are as a result of my own observations and from spending time with top professional musicians such as David Grier, Jack Lawrence, Tony Trischka, Noam Pikelny, Leon Hunt as well as working with many other fine musicians.

Guy Rogers, Musician, Tutor and Coach

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

I specialise in teaching acoustic steel strung guitar. I teach a range of styles but I am probably best known for Flat Picking a technique which I have studied my entire adult life. Some people say it is the proper use of a plectrum to which I say, it is a disciplined approach to playing that is very enabling if adhered to properly.

I also teach finger picking, mostly using a two finger style. That is index, middle finger and thumb, not the three finger style favoured by classical guitarists. It is a folk style or rag time sytle. Done properly it is an extremely versatile and rhythmic technique adaptable to a wide range of music

I am equally happy teaching at any level from beginner to advanced.

Flatpicking Up Close and Personal

5 String Banjo Lessons / Tuition

I teach three finger style banjo picking and claw hammer. I teach a wide range of "three finger" styles from Scruggs style to melodic and "single string" technique as well as a mix of all three.

My approach has more to do with coaching or mentoring rather than straight ahead teaching. I like to look at where people are on their own personal musical journey and help them to get where they want to be. I will help you to discover your own innate musical abilities. We all have them and if you are interested in learning then you are more than half way there...

Apart from from own musical journey, I have learnt from some of the best in the World and have learnt some surprising things from them which I am eager to share with you.

Learn to play 5 string banjo

Mandolin Lessons / Tuition

Learn the secrets of this beautiful and versatile instrument. I mainly teach bluegrass and folk styles of mandolin but the techniques are the same whether you're playing blues, bluegrass, folk, rock or whatever style of music you're into. This involves the proper use of the plectrun or pick. I will show you the best ways to hold it, how to play with clarity, and good timing. My methods will also enable you to play faster if that's important to you.

Find out the best ways to place your hands for maximum efficiency and getting great tone from your instrument, as well as the best ways to make maximum use of your practise time.

Learn to play the Mandolin

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